Net Asset Value Per Share
Book Value Per Share
Endeavour has the desire to provide investors with frequent disclosure of the financial performance of the Corporation.  In addition to Annual and Quarterly reports, the Corporation provides on a regular monthly basis an updated Book Value per share.  These updates are generally posted within 7 to 14 days after month-end.

Endeavour's focus is on building the long-term value of its investment capital base.  In compliance with Canadian GAAP standards, fair value accounting allows Endeavour to reflect appreciation in the value of its investments in the calculation of its Book Value per share (mark-to-market).  The fair value method, however, has its limitations as Endeavour's investments are carried at either market price (if available) or at a conservative estimated value.  As such, the Book Value may not reflect the future value of the underlying investments.

Cautionary Note: Book Values below are unaudited unless otherwise indicated.  Year-End values are Audited and Quarter-End values have been reviewed by the Corporation's auditors.  Investors are cautioned that month-end values are generated by the Corporation's accounting system and may be subject to revision.