Endeavour Mining Capital’s merchant banking business is to invest in producing, or near-term production assets, through equity or provision of debt capital to natural resource companies.  Additionally, the Corporation may acquire strategic interests in projects, which we may choose to warehouse for a period of time or to rapidly advance through aggressive and targeted investments.  In classic venture-capital style, the investments and emerging businesses are nurtured and guided as management teams are built, projects are advanced, and value is realized.  We actively manage our capital base to generate investment income through capital appreciation, fees and interest. 


We invest across a wide range of natural resource sectors, including gold, silver, base metals, coal, platinum-group metals, and uranium.


The Corporation benefits from having two Advisors – Endeavour Financial and US Global Investors – to identify, develop and implement investment opportunities.  Endeavour Financial is a specialist investment banking firm focused on the natural resource sector and is active in corporate and project finance, mergers & acquisitions, and providing strategic advisory services.  U.S. Global is a leading resource and emerging markets investment manager.